Private Sector Employers Must Provide Employees with Face Masks

by BTM

Mon, 13 April 2020

Private Sector Employers Must Provide Employees with Face Masks

A circular issued by the Labour and Social Development Ministry has stated that employers in the private sector must provide preventive face masks and obligate all employees to wear them in workplaces in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Employers must also make sure that no worker is allowed on the worksite with the obligatory masks, according to the circular issued to all establishments, companies and institutions in the private sector.

The circular called for the full implementation of the health ministry directives and stressed the responsibility of employers to protect all workers and individuals present in the workplace and accommodations from coronavirus risks.

According to the circular, the employers or their representatives should take the temperature of all workers upon entering the work sites, exit during the working hours and when leaving.

In case of high temperature, the employer is to move the employee away and call 444 for a closer monitoring and necessary medical care.

The circular also directed companies and institutions to reduce the number of workers at work sites, especially in rest rooms, waiting rooms, and dressing rooms as well as in the vehicles transporting them within the facility and to and from work sites.

In line with social distancing procedures and the reduction of contacts in the workplace, employers should implement a home-based work policy for male and female employees whenever possible, especially for mothers working in the private sector.

Employers must make sure their employees are kept at a distance of at least two meters from one another and that each employee has a private space of four square meters at least in the accommodation.

Employers must take the necessary measures to ban the exchange of visits between workers and to have separate buildings that can accommodate at least 10% of the full staff and allocate them for isolation, in accordance with the guidelines of public health for companies with more than 50 workers.