Reverend Johnnie Moore Received by His Majesty King Hamad

by BTM

Tue, 14 September 2021

Reverend Johnnie Moore Received by His Majesty King Hamad

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received Reverend Johnnie Moore at Al Sakhir Palace today, marking his visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The pair discussed issues that contribute to promoting the culture of dialogue, religious tolerance, moderation and renunciation of extremism.

HM the King praised the efforts undertaken by Reverend Moore to promote humanitarian work and bolster the values of goodness, love and peace.

He expressed Bahrain’s pride in its long-standing history of fraternity, tolerance and coexistence, noting that the Kingdom  has been hosting  different religions and cultures  and places of worship for decades.

“All people live in Bahrain as one loving and cohesive family, open to the world, within a society based on fraternity and harmony,  thanks to the awareness and faith of its people and their adherence to the noble humanitarian principles of peace and love,  as well as respect for all communities and religions”, he said.  

HM the King pointed out that the Kingdom of Bahrain provides various services and care to citizens and residents alike.

Reverend Johnnie Moore expressed appreciation to HM the King for his pioneering initiatives and good efforts to spread the values of goodness, peace and love between different religions and sects.

He praised the dedicated efforts undertaken by the King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Co-existence to promote Bahrain’s civilized image of tolerance and coexistence between all people.

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