Saar Mall - Learning About Islam

by BTM

Thu, 27 December 2018

In order to increase understanding of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Saar Mall teamed up with Discover Islam to host Dr Samer Nuhaily, a renowned doctor who has just moved to Bahrain from the US.

It is often said that we should respect teachers as we respect a prophet. This causes people to feel the Prophet is simply a prophet when he actually gives us a series of teachings to help us walk the journey through life.

Dr Samer has studied the Prophet’s life and teachings in great depth and he presented a seminar to present the life of the person who held Islam as one.

His seminars consist of 64 sessions, half an hour each and the first was held at Saar Mall on December 22.

A mall spokesman says: “The first session was a great success and Saar Mall management would like to thank Dr Samer and Discover Islam for the amazing experience. It was well received by the audience, who were captivated. And thanks to all who attended the session and were part of the experience. Saar Mall doors are open to hear more interesting stories of the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).