South Africans In Bahrain: Where To Satisfy Your Cravings

by BTM

Fri, 23 September 2022

South Africans In Bahrain: Where To Satisfy Your Cravings

South Africans will celebrate Heritage Day on September 24, dedicated to the country's rich history, culture, and diversity. Similar to Bahrain, South Africans enjoy a melting pot of cultures, warm and friendly people and great weather. Braai, biltong and 'bunny chow' are some delicacies people of the south enjoy, and the good news is you can find them right here on the island.


This cured meat, made with beef, comes in various forms and can be seasoned with a slight chilli flavour or more traditional flavours of salt, pepper and dried coriander. If you are looking for Biltong in Bahrain, you can order it online or pay the shop, Boere Biltong in Saar a visit.

Sausage rolls:

Pillowy pastry filled with deliciously, delicately spiced sausage that is ideal for snacking on during a Rugby match. These can be find at Boere Biltong's shop as well.


This maize powder can either be served at breakfast sweet or as a side served savoury with braai meat (barbecued meat). Pap can find it at Alosra Supermarket in Saar.

Ouma Rusks 

These hard, crusty biscuits reserved purely for dunking are often served on early morning Safaris in South Africa as the sun rises; they are the perfect accompaniment to a piping hot cup of tea or coffee and can also be found at Alosra Supermarket in Saar.


Visit The Butcher Shop and Grill, a South African steakhouse and retail butchery and deli for wors and other cuts of meat perfect for that South African braai.

Bunny Chow:

Don't let the name scare you. No bunnies are involved in this traditional South African dish which includes half a loaf of unsliced bread scooped out and filled with curry. Get it at Popina in Salmabad.

Slap Chips:

Pronounced "Slaap chips", these potato chips are thick cut and deep fried, covered in salt and vinegar and super comforting. Also available at Popina as part of their breakfast menu.

Malva Pudding

The restaurant describes this traditional pudding served at Oak as the "dessert equivalent of a warm bubble bath, something you'd like to sink into slowly & never leave". This spongy cake is topped with a traditional custard and served with ice cream. Simply sublime.

Milk tart 

Known also by its traditional name, "Melktert", this crusty pastry is filled with a custard-like mixture of milk, flour, and eggs and then topped with cinnamon. Check out delideliciousSA on Instagram to order and learn more about other deserts on offer.

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