St Christopher's School recognised as one the best private schools

by BTM

Mon, 12 September 2022

St Christopher's School recognised as one the best private schools

St Christopher's School, Bahrain been recognised as one of the world's best private schools by Spear's School Index and Carfax Education.

This British private school located in Isa Town, Bahrain and Sar.

St Christopher's School was awarded the honour last year and has again achieved this prestigious ranking.

The school offers a British curriculum education. It offers primary to secondary education ranging from reception to Sixth form. Students sit GCSE and A-level

“We are immensely proud to have included the Kingdom of Bahrain on this prestigious list of the world's best schools,” said St Christopher’s Principal, Dr Simon Watson.

“We are a school that not only prides itself for its academic excellence but also for the Mission and Values that every member of our community embraces. We are a community of students, staff and families who strive everyday towards ‘An education for a shared humanity’ and it is truly a great honour to be recognised on an international stage,” he adds.

"The Spear’s index is the only research-based worldwide index of the very finest private schools, and is a valuable resource for our audience when making some of their most important decisions: where to educate their children. Inclusion depends on the very highest standards in the classroom, world-class facilities for the pupils and, this year, excellence in response to the challenges of schooling in the midst of a pandemic. Every one of the schools featured responded to the difficulties of Covid with resourcefulness, creativity, compassion and drive, once more demonstrating their commitment to improving the lives of their charges," said Ian Douglas, Head of Research and Insight at Spear's.

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