Sun Kissed Bliss

by BTM

Tue, 16 July 2019

Sun Kissed Bliss
Behnaz Sanjana felt blissed-out with the Sun Kissed summer offer at the Heavenly Spa at The Westin City Centre Bahrain.

Riding the elevator up to the Heavenly Spa in the stylish Westin City Centre Bahrain, my mind was full of the deadlines to meet and commitments to keep. Reaching the cool ambience of the spa, I anticipated a feeling of calm and utmost relaxation, and boy, was I right! The spa has a fantastic Sun Kissed summer offer that ladies will not be able to resist.

It entails one hour each of a Heavenly Mango Wrap, a Mandarin-infused Aspire Massage and a Vitamin C Facial. Individually, these treatments cost BD35 each, but as part of the package, the cost is a total of BD70. Savings at the spa, did you say? I’m in! 

I filled out the detailed consultation form, specifying what I expected from the treatment and the areas I would like my massage to focus on, and went on to stow away my stuff in the digital lockers in the changing room. Flip-flopping my way to the treatment room, with therapist Flavi leading the way, I noticed the scent of essential oils, the soft glow of incandescent lamps and calm-inducing music filling the air.  

I hopped on face-down over the massage table covered with a thick plastic sheet. Flavi proceeded to apply an unctuous mango butter all over, her smooth strokes allowing me to relax slowly. Once slathered with the velvety substance, I was swaddled with the overhang of the plastic sheet I lay on, and tucked in with a towel on top. She then turned up the heat of the massage table, which would enable the mango butter to seep in to my skin, making it soft and buttery. To be honest, the stuff did not smell exactly like mango, which was very well by me, because that meant that there were as few chemical ‘fragrances’ in it. And, as bizarre as the idea of laying on a heated bed in the height of summer might sound, it was a pleasantly snug experience. I could have snoozed like a baby, had I not needed to stay at least half awake to write of my experience. 

Flavi gave me a gentle head and shoulder rub till all that mango did its job, and sent me off for a shower thereafter. Back on the table, it was time for the massage. I had mentioned in my consultation form that my shoulders and back were my peeves, so Flavi took it upon her to make them feel friendlier. And they did! With expert movements, she made all the bunched-up tightness dissipate. The mandarin in the massage oil did my skin good too. 

The last leg of the heavenly three hours was the Vitamin C facial. After a quick, light massage with a cleanser to remove any impurities, Flavi used a fine-grained scrub to exfoliate the facial skin. As I am prone to breakouts, she did not massage vigourously or use an extractor, but that is usually part of the action. Wiping off the scrub, she proceeded to apply a Vitamin C mask to the face and neck area. It gave me a mild tingling feeling initially, but the rest of the 15 minutes were quite comfortable. While Flavi gave me a head massage, I used the time to check in with my inner peace. A quick patting of eye cream and sunscreen from the spa’s reputed house brand, Skinceuticals, and I was good to go. I rode the elevator down, feeling ready to face the summer; responsibilities, obligations and all, with renewed positivity. 

July 1 - August 31, 2019
Sun kissed Bliss Package for Bhd70 that includes Vitamin C facial, Mandarin infused Aspire massage and Heavenly Mango Wrap for 60 minutes each treatment. 

Prior reservation is required by calling 17 171-122 or 38 885-894