Supreme Council for Women to Conduct Impact Study

by BTM

Mon, 11 May 2020

Supreme Council for Women to Conduct Impact Study

A study will be conducted on Bahrain’s approach in mitigating the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on women and families.

The Supreme Council for Women (SCW)) will team up with the Royal University for Women (RUW) to conduct the research to highlight national efforts to provide economic, social and educational support.

SCW Secretary-General, Hala Al-Ansari, stressed the importance of the study in assessing the national plans in dealing with crisis and disasters, and  responding to health emergencies so as to protect the stability of women-supported families in particular.

“The study will come out with recommendations which will contribute to developing social protection systems for the family and sustaining the women’s issues”, she said, stressing the importance of drawing lessons from the crisis and continuing the expansion of the digital transformation in Bahrain.

RUW board of trustees member, Executive Committee Chairman, Isa Najeebi, stressed the importance of promoting women-related research, expressing delight at conducting the study in tandem with the council as part of national efforts to maintain economic and social stability and achieve sustainable development.

 “The study will focus COVID-19 fallout and assess  opportunities and challenges for social protection systems as a result of the pandemic”, he said.

The study will assess the role of state institutions in sustaining services during the health crisis and evaluate the contribution of the national campaign “Together for the Safety of Bahrain”  to supporting women and families during these exceptional circumstances.

Volunteers’ response to support Bahraini families  and the contribution of women to preserve their role in developing the national development amid COVID-19 fallout will also be studied.

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