Tamkeen launches landmark employment programme

by BTM

Thu, 21 January 2021

Tamkeen launches landmark employment programme

Bahrain’s Labour Fund, Tamkeen, has pledged a budget of 120 million dinars as it initiated the second version of the National Employment Programme this week.

The programme, which aims to create 25,000 jobs in 2021 and provide 10,000 training opportunities annually, will be based on three main initiatives. The first of these is the allocation of the funds for three years (2021-2023), double what has been allocated during the past five years, to support the employment of Bahrainis through the wage support programme.

The second initiative includes extending the period of announcing vacancies before the recruitment of non-Bahraini workers from two to three weeks, and the third initiative is based on tightening security measures regarding irregular workers, in addition to continuing the initiatives set out in the programme’s first version.

It also aims on a whole to increase the amount and duration of support extended to those registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, plus new entrants into the labour market, in order to further progress made making Bahraini citizens the ideal choice for local employment.

Parts of the budget will also go towards developing and enhancing remote and part-time work, whilst a special scheme to aid graduates in gaining full-time employment or internships in the private sector will be rolled out shortly.