The Iconic Water Garden in Salmaniya Reopens

by BTM

Thu, 19 January 2023

The Iconic Water Garden in Salmaniya Reopens

After being closed for six years, the Water Garden in Bahrain has been officially reopened. Here’s what you need to know.

The facelift

Her royal highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of his Majesty the King, inaugurated the renovated garden.

It has new features like two lakes, more space for family fun, play areas for kids, a botanical area and lots more greenery added. One of the cool new features are misters at a certain point in the park. So, if you are going for a run, you’ll be able to stand underneath and make sure you are cooled down.

The princess said governments efforts to preserve the plant wealth and natural reserves forms part of the development of the agricultural sector.


The park was opened in 1948 and for locals it is a heritage facility and a popular destination for tourists. The leisure facility is 75 years old and was used by locals as a venue to relax, have family time and certain events were held there. It was closed for close on six years after it was not deemed seemed for occupancy. The park has a special place in many memories of the Bahraini people and the reopening will no doubt create the chance to have more special times at the venue.

Rejuvenation in 2023

News of the park finally reopening has already made headlines. The revamp reportedly cost 2.5 million Bahraini dinars. The park is spread over 6.5 hectares and with all the new additions, there will no doubt be tons to explore.