The National Institution for Human Rights Pay Visits to Labourers in Quarantine Centers

by BTM

Mon, 20 April 2020

Bahrain National Institution for Human Rights

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) continued its field visits to Bahrain’s isolation, quarantine and treatment centers.

The NIHR team met with the medical teams as well as some of the quarantined labourers to receive information relevant to the adherence to human rights in such circumstances.      

The institute affirmed that it had contacted some of the expatriate labourers and reviewed their living conditions, whether in the isolation or in quarantine centers to ensure the safety, hygiene and health care provided to them is according to the established standards.

The NIHR pointed out that the measures taken by the Kingdom in order to provide an appropriate environment for expatriate labourers during this exceptional circumstance, promotes the Kingdom’s regional and international status in respecting human rights. 

NIHR President Maria Khoury, stressed the importance of using the radio station, 104.2 FM, to broadcast educational health messages. “The Institute will be in contact with the radio station to support its activity in providing health guidelines within the framework of the national efforts to control the spread of COVID-19,” she concluded.