Volunteering opportunities open to support national efforts to Combat the Coronavirus (COVID19)

by BTM

Mon, 16 March 2020

Volunteering opportunities for Combat the Coronavirus

Volunteers are being sought to join the community effort to combat the spread of the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus which is causing chaos around the world.

Those in medical services, administrative fields and fundraising are especially needed as the Kingdom bids to fight the viral menace

Within the first few hours of registration opening on yesterday, more than 12,700 citizens signed up as part of the national awareness campaign.

Upon signing up, volunteers can select their role roles in different fields such as health services, logistical support, field work, call centre, fundraising activities, administration and deliveries.

The National Task Force for Combating the Coronavirus (Covid-19) said yesterday that the volunteering opportunities further promote solidarity amongst the Kingdom’s society, and underpin the values of social responsibility.

It comes as the first Covid-19 death in Bahrain was recorded this morning.

The website states: “Join us in efforts to contain the coronavirus (Covid-19) by volunteering through the many opportunities provided by the kingdom’s Public Awareness Campaign to Combat Covid-19.

“The campaign has introduced a variety of activities and services to bring together citizens and residents in co-operation to ensure the Kingdom remains a safe and healthy community for all.”

Interested volunteers have to submit their personal details, select a specialised field and the timings they are available.

The ministry last month launched a multilingual national campaign to combat the virus that covered social media, the press, radio and TV, health centres and labour camps.

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority has already sent more than 800,000 text messages to individuals registered in its database as part of an awareness campaign to update them on the latest information about Covid-19.

Those who wish to volunteer can submit an application on Applicants will be contacted according to the required needs.