Why you must watch Brass-A-Holics in Bahrain

by BTM

Tue, 07 March 2023

Why you must watch Brass-A-Holics in Bahrain

Combine big brass with next-lever energy and you’ve got a buzz nobody can beat. The United States Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain have worked together to bring Brass-A-Holics to the Kingdom. Bahraini musician Esraa Janahi will be performing alongside the world famous group.

Who are they?

Brass-A-Holics takes the New Orleans brass band culture and mixes it with the energy of Washington D.C’s go-go-go. The band has New Orleans brass elements: trumpet, trombone and saxophone. Add in a full drum set, percussion, keyboard, bass and electric guitar and you’ve got this unique sound that has become a global hit.

A musical extravaganza

Whether they are performing their own music or adapting pop hits, the band has appeal for every musical lover. They have been taking their magical offering around the world since 2010 and are known for their live shows and the ability to lift the mood with musical fans.

The show

On 14 March, from 8pm, you’ll find yourself entertained by big band energy like you’ve never experienced before. The event is being held at Cultural Hall and tickets are free.