World Branding Awards honors Bahrain’s Lost Paradise of Dilmun waterpark

by BTM

Sat, 31 December 2022

World Branding Awards honors Bahrain’s Lost Paradise of Dilmun waterpark

The ultimate global brand recognition giving body, World Branding Forum recently awarded Bahrain’s biggest waterpark, Lost Paradise of Dilmun with  “Brand of the year” in the 14th Edition of the Prestigious World Branding Awards held at Kensington Palace, London – United Kingdom.

“The last two years have been an extremely difficult time for businesses globally. Transforming consumer behavior and the shift in marketing approaches just proves that, with a little imagination and creativity, brands can surpass everyone's expectations. The Awards is our way of celebrating this achievement with each Brand of the Year winner” – Chairman of the World Branding Forum, Mr. Richard Rowles.

The waterpark’s latest accolade is a testament to its strong efforts in maintaining its momentum as it reports successful results this season.  

“We are honored to be shortlisted and once again chosen to be a winner. This year, was a major comeback for us as with many other touristic attractions. Our overall efforts in maintaining the prominence of our brand, align with our strategy that has produced organic growth, and with a focused recovery plan we remain on track in achieving our goals.” said Dr. Essa Faqeeh, CEO Al Areen Investment.

Celebrating this achievement, the waterpark also commends the groundbreaking efforts of the Bahrain government, as it accelerates the development and engagement across the public and private sectors in promoting the hospitality and leisure sector globally.

“Given our presence for the last decade and a half, we recognize the role we play in the industry, and with an internationally recognized brand like Lost Paradise of Dilmun, we continue to focus on our stakeholders with the scale and urgency of unlocking innovation, infrastructure, and skills creating the biggest impact in the years to come,” added Dr, Faqeeh.