Going Local

by BTM

Mon, 08 March 2021

Going Local

The production of more Bahraini products or goods manufactured in Bahrain encourages the prosperity of a national e-commerce system which will consequentially contribute to the growth of the national GDP, creating more job opportunities and building a knowledge economy within the framework of Bahrain Vision 2030. This was stated by the CEO of Al-Amthal Group, a Bahrain-based company that provides technology solutions to organisations across the GCC and other counties, Hani Awachi.

“Bahraini sweets or palm water are products that are popular among visitors and tourists, and constitute a good base for electronic platforms and applications to be sold outside Bahrain. They represent successful models that can be built upon in developing other Bahraini products targeting the local, regional and even global markets. 

Digital marketing in building the reputation of Bahraini products and services would be significant in this regard. “We call for setting up a national plan to develop e-commerce in Bahrain with the participation of government agencies, technology companies and owners of products and services, in order to boost Bahrain’s competitiveness in the global e-commerce market,” he concluded.