Digital Talent Emerging Unscathed

by BTM

Wed, 02 February 2022

Digital Talent Emerging Unscathed in Bahrain

Despite economic difficulties over the past two years, digital talent has emerged relatively unscathed, eager to explore their options and pursue new opportunities. This has emerged as a key takeaway following a global survey of employees in digital roles conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network, a global alliance of recruitment website. The report, titled ‘Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge,’ sheds light on the key factors behind people’s aspirations to move to new pastures, providing a comprehensive analysis of major international markets, including the MENA region.

As per the survey, part of BCG’s Decoding Global Talent series, as many as 62 percent of MENA employees working in digital fields are actively job hunting, with better career opportunities in other roles (72 percent), looking for a new challenge (66 percent), feeling undervalued in current positions (40 percent), and searching for a company more aligned with personal beliefs (32 percent) being the main motivations behind people looking for a new role. 

On the subject of relocation, the number of digital field employees willing to move to another country for work stands at 83 percent. Canada is the most preferred destination where digital workers would like to relocate (16 percent), followed by the UAE (12 percent), and Germany (10 percent). The survey found that 66 percent of MENA talent are willing to work for remote employers with no physical presence in their country.