St Christopher’s School - A Beacon Of Excellence

by BTM

Tue, 06 April 2021

St Christopher’s School - A Beacon Of Excellence

St. Christopher’s School has a rich history in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is synonymous with world-class education - a beacon for innovation and excellence in the region. 

“Multinational organisations are able to attract their best executives to Bahrain because St Christopher’s is able to provide a first class education for their children. Our outreach to the community and the service we offer is well known in Bahrain, benefiting both the local and expatriate communities over the last 60 years,” says St. Christopher’s School Principal, Dr. Simon Watson.

Around 150 students graduate from St Christopher’s annually and attend top universities worldwide. “In the past few years, students have attended the most competitive universities in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, LSE as well as leading universities across the world such as Yale, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, McGill, and many other prestigious tertiary educational institutions,” highlights Dr. Watson.

In addition to providing pupils with a world-class education, St.Christopher’s has a rich extra-curricular programme giving them the opportunity to engage in sport, music and drama. “The successful development of the school’s extensive extra-curricular programme led to the formation of the St. Chris SPARTA Academy providing high quality sports coaching to children of all ages, not just for St. Chris children, with over 900 participants enrolled in SPARTA activities,” he explains.

Service to others is a key part of life for St Christopher’s students and staff, following the realisation of the vision for all students to be engaged in service activities and fundraising for local and global charities. “St Christopher’s has built three schools in Nepal and Cambodia and is committed to funding the yearly running costs of these schools,” says Dr. Watson.

“Our students are inspired to create a positive impact on the community they live in and beyond,” he concludes.