Tamkeen and BTECH Discuss Bahrain’s ICT Sector

by BTM

Sat, 04 February 2023

Tamkeen and BTECH Discuss Bahrain’s ICT Sector

The Chairman of the Labour Fund (Tamkeen), HE Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, recently met with the Chairman of Bahrain Technology Companies society (BTECH), Tariq Qassim Fakhroo, to discuss the society’s plans and initiatives to develop the tech sector in Bahrain to increase the sector’s GDP contribution.

Tamkeen has strived to support the national economy and all its sectors, including key sectors which are aligned with national priorities including the ICT sector as it contributes to driving economic development. Tamkeen’s strategy includes various initiatives and programmes related to supporting the adoption of modern technologies and their application to projects and businesses. “This will accelerate the growth of Bahraini enterprises and enhance their competitiveness, as well as their ability to create high-quality jobs,” said Chief Executive of the Labour Fund (Tamkeen), Maha Mofeez, BTECH Chairman, Tariq Qassim Fakhroo, stated that the board is keen on enhancing the BTECH’s role in assisting Bahraini start-ups and Bahraini tech SMEs.  

“BTECH’s vision is to take the ICT sector to new heights and this collaboration with Tamkeen can be seen as an important national partnership that will enhance the Society’s initiatives, increase productivity, and support technological innovation,” concluded Mr. Fakhroo.