Apps Review - February 2024

by BTM

Tue, 06 February 2024

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Find convenience at the very tip of your fingers this month, with these nifty apps that will help you stay organised, keep up with the weather or indulge in a musical blast from past.

Rewind supercharges music discovery by detailing which songs and albums were released on a given date. You can also browse songs released in specific years, like 1961 or 2000. This is the ‘music time travel’ aspect and works as a treat. If anything, Rewind is genuinely a must-have music app for those keen to broaden their tastes or those studying the progression of genres, styles and lyrics throughout the years. 

Developed by ToDark developer Dark Night, Rain is perhaps one of the most beautiful weather apps on the market. It presents a host of information sensibly, prefacing the current temperature and conditions while presenting more nerdy metrics, like radiation and transpiration. The app can also house multiple cities and towns, and you can choose to receive alerts on the hour across the day. 

If you’re a fervent reader who loves making notes and highlighting those texts but struggles to find a sensible way to collate all this data, consider Readwise. It allows users to remember those important moments of the books you read by saving highlights. The service also recommends snippets from those books you perhaps haven’t remembered or saved. If you often read across multiple technologies or platforms, Readwise can sync highlights across the likes of Kindle, Pocket, Notion, Evernote and Instapaper. 

FoxyNotes lets you create as many notes as you care for, marking up text as you desire and categorising them. The app also packs Google Drive sync support, which makes it easy to access notes across multiple devices. There’s a premium tier that unlocks more themes and additional backup settings, but the core app will likely suit most users.