Apps Review - March 2024

by BTM

Tue, 05 March 2024

Apps Review - March 2024

Progress is right at your fingertips this month with these fantastic apps that will have you learning, meditating and keeping yourself organised. 

LingoDeer is a fantasticLINGODEER
LingoDeer is a fantastic language-learning tool with a strong Asian-language focus (though it includes a few major European languages, too). The app’s courses are multilingual, so if you wish to learn Japanese as a German speaker, this is the app for you. That said, LingoDeer is also quite challenging, as it features specific, high-level terminology and detailed grammatical explanations. Nonetheless, it is a superb resource, and the developer is constantly improving the app based on community feedback. 

Notion aims to be your personal and team productivity hub, allowing users to create custom private or shared workspaces. From there, you add versatile ‘blocks’ that can act like text snippets, bookmarks, images, toggle links, files, code snippets, discussion sections and more to truly customise your workplace.

Elevate offers training in writing, listening, speaking, reading and maths. You can set your goals, and after you’ve completed some engaging exercises, it graphically shows your performance in each of these categories. Go ahead and make yourself smarter! 

There are other components to wellness than huffing and puffing on the jogging track or in the gym. Relieving stress is high on the list, and meditation can aid in that goal. Headspace offers hundreds of guided meditations that can reduce anxiety and increase mindfulness.