App of the Month - eTraffic

by BTM

Tue, 03 October 2023

App of the Month  eTraffic

One of the most essential applications in Bahrain, eTraffic, has effectively streamlined services for residents of the Kingdom. We explore its many functions including the ability to report minor accidents.

Keep track of general information about your registered vehicle in Bahrain at any time with the eTraffic application. This user-friendly application serves a number of purposes including viewing your traffic record. You simply enter your personal number and your password to login or create a new user account and access information.

For added convenience, users can pay for traffic contraventions, renew their driver’s license and renew vehicle registration through the ‘Quick Services’ tab. Citizens hoping to renew their vehicle registration can even find insurance companies on the application.

One of the latest features added to the application (a great relief to citizens!) was the ability to report minor accidents under the ‘Traffic Accident Acknowledgment’ section under the ‘Traffic Accidents Services’ tab. 

Not only that, you can also find out the location of the nearest traffic and inspection centres and learn where speeding cameras are situated in the Kingdom. The application ensures that every car on the road is legally recognised and is a vehicle deemed fit to be driven on the roads by the General Directorate of Traffic. 

The application also allows users to authorise their vehicles at the King Fahad Causeway which involves insurance coverage for people travelling from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain. Another interesting feature, in case you’re in the habit of forgetting to refuel, is the ability to locate the nearest fuel stations and find out whether Mumtaz or Jayyid would be adequate for your vehicle.

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