App of the Month - STC Pay

by BTM

Mon, 04 September 2023

App of the Month STC Pay

stc pay is one of the Kingdom’s leading mobile wallets, allowing you to manage your finances with local and international transfers, prepaid cards, bill payments, offers and more.

Officially licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, stc pay provides financial services that are fast, secure and easy for modern everyday life. Downloading stc pay is easy as it can be found both on the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play. Registration is smooth and quick, and great attention has been paid to the design and feel of the app so that you can quickly find your way around its features more easily than other financial services apps.

As part of its exciting features, stc pay customers are able to enjoy the stc pay card, enabling you to pay for goods and services both online and in-store and earn cashback instantly, plus receive instant payment notifications and the ability to manage the card security from the app. 

The app facilitates seamless international transfers with unbeatable rates to more than 40 countries worldwide. For local transfers, you can send and receive money from bank accounts or other stc pay customers. With stc pay, you can skip lines and start making easy payments such as paying telecom utility bills, purchasing digital gift cards and much more!

stc pay was launched as part of stc Bahrain’s celebration of 13 years in the Kingdom, an exciting milestone for Bahrain’s digital payments landscape. The app is the only mobile wallet in the Kingdom that provides all-in-one financial services features for all types of transactions and can be used by anyone in Bahrain; stc and non-stc customers alike. 

stc pay is a new digital payment product that is safe, secure and accessible from anywhere, at any time. When you add money using your debit card, stc pay doesn’t store your card details as it is done through a secure payment gateway regulated by the CBB. Information is only stored for troubleshooting, fraud prevention and for regulatory purposes.

Some of the extensive suite of security functions include:

  1. Biometric login with either fingerprint or FaceID.
  2. Restricting logins to your stc pay account only from trusted devices (which can also be managed from within the app).
  3. Changing or resetting your PIN on your trusted device with selfie verification.
  4. Getting instant payment notifications and feel confident that your payment is successful.
  5. Confirming your international transfer with verification codes.
  6. Freezing and unfreezing your stc pay card whenever you need.
  7. Instantly blocking your stc pay card in case your card is stolen or lost.
  8. Enabling or disabling all payments instantly.

stc pay is simple to download and operate – all you need to do is to use it as an on-the-go payment solution for all your needs, anytime and anywhere. 

Download STC Pay for android 
Download STC Pay for IOS