Apps Review - August 2019

by BTM

Tue, 30 July 2019

bahrain best mobile apps

Verdict: An app with plenty of promise but little in the way of execution.

bahrain best mobile apps august 2019What is it? 
Luminary wants to be the Netflix of podcasts and has this dubbed itself as a ‘podcatcher’. As such, you do have to pay to get access to its podcast library, but there’s a ton of great exclusive content in there. The app also allows you to listen to all your favourite free podcasts.

The Good 
Luminary is the only place you can go to listen to certain shows and it has one of the most extensive search functions ever seen on a podcast app.
The Bad
Luminary lacks some basic quality-of-life functions one has come to expect from a podcatcher after years of just having these features for free. It feels like the company put all of their power into establishing themselves as ‘The Company With 40 Exclusive Podcasts You Have to Pay For’ that they never stopped to ask the question: “How do we also make Luminary a good podcast app?”

calorie app bahrain best mobile appApp: CalorieCap
CalorieCap is the diet app for people who often eat out. The app is aimed at helping you find meals at restaurants that fit within your diet, allowing you to quickly and easily choose from restaurants, meal types, lifestyle options and more. The app is pretty well-designed and easy to use too, which is always a plus.

premiere rush bahrain mobile appsApp: Premiere Rush
Premiere Rush is Adobe’s latest app for Android, and it’s largely built for those that want to quickly and easily edit videos on the go. The app supports video, audio and image files, and allows for things like the addition of text, transitions and so on. The app is available as a premium version for USD10 per month, or you can get it as part of Adobe’s larger Creative Cloud subscription.