Apps Review - December 2019

by BTM

Sat, 07 December 2019

bahrain best mobile apps to install in december 2019

App: Alarmy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Verdict: The most efficient wake-up ever!.

What is it? 

If you have a habit of skipping your morning alarm, this is one of the must-have apps for your device. Alarmy has a unique way to break your morning laziness by laying out puzzles and challenges before you can snooze that annoying music.

The Good 
You can set the difficulty level of the challenges as per your preference, just in case you need to engage the brain quicker. The useful app also features a photo mode where you can turn off the alarm by clicking a snapshot of a registered place.

The Bad
The app seems very resistant to allowing you to click on the notification to turn off the alarm. In addition, the ‘mute during missions’ feature doesn’t work and the alarm always puts itself on max volume no matter what you set it to and doesn’t allow you to turn it down while it is going off.

Bahrain best mobile app in december 2109App: SMS Organiser
SMS Organiser is made by Microsoft and the app turns out to be a great help when it comes to efficiently managing the loads of unwanted texts that people receive all day. You get everything from a tabbed interface, dark theme, intelligent sorting, reminders about bookings, PNR status, SMS backup and restore, and much more.

bahrain best mobile apps for december 2019App: MX Player
This video player supports almost all the primary video and audio file formats. It packs a lot of features, including editing of subtitle timeframes, fast forwarding and volume control gestures, gestures for zooming in and out of a video, on-screen kid lock and many more.