Apps Review - December 2021

by BTM

Sun, 28 November 2021

Bahrain Mobile Apps Review for December 2021

Kristian Harrison does some digging to find you some of the most useful new apps.

Bahrain mobile apps review december 2021Tasty - You’ve probably seen hundreds of Tasty recipe videos around the internet, but don’t discount its app. With over 4,000 recipes, options to strip out recipes for different diets, or even meal types, Tasty is one of the most powerful recipe apps out there. You’ll find intricate step-by-step instructions for every recipe, along with handy videos, and you can even use the ‘what’s in my kitchen’ feature to only see recipes you can make right now. A powerful and excellent recipe app.

What3words for BahrainWhat3Words - Getting around has never been easier, thanks to automatic navigation apps on smartphones. But still, it’s not particularly easy to share a single location. What3Words has fixed that problem in a simple but effective way – adding extra names to maps. Every single 10-foot square of the entire globe has been given a unique three-word name. Pop those three words into What3Words and you’ll be shown exactly where you need to go. An excellent app that’s worth downloading just in case it’s needed.

Mealime for BahrainMealime - Designed to help the constantly busy, Mealime excels when it’s asked to come up with a meal selection for picky eaters. Simply put in your requirements – vegan, gluten-free, low carb, etc. – and it’ll toss you suggestions that meet your criteria. Most recipes focus on meals with prep times of only 30 minutes, and it can help you put together your shopping list as well.

Calm app for bahrainCalm - Calm is one of the best meditation apps out there, but it’s not just about meditation. While its meditation guides are excellent and contain a free guide to getting started, it also contains a Sleep Stories section, which has a number of voice actors and celebrities who read bedtime stories. Love Bridgerton? Regé-Jean Page has joined the cast of Calm’s Sleep Stories, and you can also listen to stories read by Mary Berry or Matthew McConaughey as well.