Apps Review - March 2020

by BTM

Sun, 01 March 2020

bahrain best mobile apps review

APP: Over
Verdict: A great app for personalising your photos.

bahrain mobiles apps reviewWhat is it? 
Over is designed primarily for adding text to images, which you might want to do if you’re making a poster or Instagram post, for example. The app lets you select from a wide range of canvas sizes, including some created specifically for different social media purposes, such as Facebook cover photos. Then you can add images, text and graphics.

The Good 
For images you can adjust the exposure, contrast and various other things; for text you can choose from a range of fonts, alignments and colours; and for graphics you can select from a range of pre-made designs, then adjust colour, position and more. Projects can have multiple layers, and when you’re done you can save the result as a JPG or PNG, or share it.

The Bad
It’s a handy app and everything mentioned above is free, but it locks you out of an ever-growing library of templates, hundreds of extra fonts, far more graphics and the promise of additional features in future, unless you cough up a fairly hefty fee.

bahrain mobile apps reviewApp: Glitch Lab
Glitch Lab is a photo editor packed full of digital glitch effects. If you like making your pictures look a bit glitchy or retro, this is one of the most capable and versatile ways to do it. There are more than 100 effects here, and many of them are customisable, ensuring your glitches won’t look like anyone else’s. As if to demonstrate the power, it’s even possible to generate an image from scratch, building it up through a number of effects and tweaks.

bahrain mobile apps reviewApp: DoodleLens
Simply doodle something, then point your phone’s camera at the doodle from within the app and you can copy it and paste it on top of the world around you in augmented reality. You can also change the colour of the doodle and even make very basic animations by copying multiple doodles and having the app cycle through them. You can then record and save the results.