Books - Great Reads!

by BTM

Tue, 08 August 2023

Great Reads!

What can be better than relaxing with a good book? Bahrain This Month brings you the latest releases to satisfy your fiction fix.

Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor – Shawn M. Warner
This book surged to the #1 Amazon Bestseller spot after author Shawn M. Warner went viral on TikTok after ‘looking sad’ when nobody turned up to his book signing. An influencer spotted him, gave the book some publicity and social media did its good deed!

The story follows the eponymous Leigh, whose life has been ripped apart. Orphaned, she goes to live with incredibly wealthy relatives she never knew she had. Struggling to fit into her new world, she can’t let go of her grief. When the police tell her the investigation into her parents’ murder has hit a brick wall, she knows the only way she will ever know peace is to solve the mystery herself. With new family and friends, which includes a ghost with multiple personality issues, Leigh risks everything to find her answers.

Hello Stranger – Katherine Center
Just as Sadie finds she is a finalist in an art competition, she has to undergo an unexpected brain surgery. Suddenly, Sadie finds she has face blindness, hopefully, just a temporary complication that she is determined to hide. As soon as she meets her new vet, Sadie instantly starts fantasising about their future wedding. Yet before they can even go on a date, Sadie finds herself increasingly drawn to her annoying neighbour. As Sadie struggles to paint a portrait without being able to see faces, her personal life implodes around her, teaching her love can come from the most unexpected of places.

Everyone Here Is Lying – Shari Lapena 
The safe community of Stanhope is shocked when nine-year-old Avery Wooler goes missing. Hours before her disappearance, Avery’s dad unexpectedly found her home early from school and blew up at her, already angry because he just ended his longstanding affair. Now Avery’s neighbours want to spill the beans, but it seems that everyone here is lying.

Crook Manifesto – Colson Whitehead
Colson Whitehead follows up his bestseller Harlem Shuffle with a new story continuing Ray Carney’s story into the 1970s. In a city beset by violence, Ray Carney tries to go legit, but a favour from his police contact pulls him back in. Meanwhile, Ray’s trusty friend Pepper is there to pull Ray back in as they get caught up in 70s counterculture and a city under siege.