Walk, Bahrain!

by BTM

Sun, 30 December 2018

Walk, Bahrain!

It’s that time of year when it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors. Ann Varhese casts the spotlight on some of the island’s best walks.

Bahrain Bay 
Enjoy the gorgeous view at the Bahrain Bay this winter whether you choose to do so at night or in the mornings. A master-planned, water-front development that is designed around vibrant neighborhoods and commercial spaces, and based on the unique concept of an island connected by two bridges, forming an inner harbour. This waterfront walkway encircles the island on which Four Seasons is located, and offers a spectacle for the eyes at night. With heat levels dropping, this venue will be home for several events throughout the winter, rife with food festivals, live performances and entertainment.

Marassi Al Bahrain
Soak in the winter sun while walking along the white-sand beach at Diyar Al Muharraq’s Marassi Al Bahrain. You can bask in the rays and get some exercise before devouring a variety of street food that is offered by several food trucks that are parked right at the beach which range from healthy food options to yummy burgers. Experience sea-front living as you join in the regular activities at the beach, or simply enjoy the sunset.

Pearl Trailing
The ancient Greeks referred to Bahrain as Tylos, a place which was “famous for its vast number of pearls.” Walk the historic Pearling Trail of Al Muharraq to witness the magic of the ancient pearl industry for yourself. You can begin at the Bin Matar House and traverse all the way through to see the gold thread-making demonstration at the Kurar House that is a spectacle for the eyes. Ponder for yourself the historic buildings which engaged in the pearl industry long before the discovery of oil in 1932.

Nurana Island
Somewhat off the beaten track since it is tucked away beyond the village of Karranah, Nurana is a manmade island whose original purpose seems to have been forgotten. These days it is a haven for dog walkers, horse riders and the occasional would-be racetrack driver, all making use of the wide-open space. It’s actually two islands connected by a causeway and the second is home to a fleet of small boats and fishermen.

Andalus Garden
Step into one of the Kingdom’s oldest gardens for an evening or an early-morning walk. Rich with greenery and flowers, the garden is structured in such a way so as to give you the best walking experience. The spot offers several small restaurants along the walkway that peovide refreshment at pretty much any hour. It is the perfect spot for families to relish an all-day picnic, or even just to get those legs some exercise.