Gadgets Review - February 2021

by BTM

Sun, 07 February 2021

Gadgets Review - February 2021

NIX digital photo frame - There are high-tech options out there that change the traditional, static photo frame into something more interactive and able to show more than just one snapshot of a favourite memory, place or person. You may want to consider the NIX digital photo frame for a gift this Valentine’s Day; not only is it available in 8- to 15.6-inch models, but the plug-and-play photo frame is also controllable via motion or remote control and can be used in both portrait and landscape settings.

Skullcandy Sesh wireless earbuds - An affordable gift this Valentine’s Day for music lovers is the Skullcandy Sesh, a pair of wireless earbuds in three different colours. These budget-friendly earbuds come in a case containing a rechargeable battery and once paired with your mobile device, you can expect up to 10 hours of playback.

Wacom Bamboo Folio - Scribble sweet nothings for your partner on this smart pad. You can use the pen to write on any paper you like, then use the companion app to convert it into a digital version which you can send to your loved one. You can even create a shopping list for Valentine’s Day on it and make sure your better half walks through the door bearing bags of goodies. Anything more important can also be saved to other cloud services like Dropbox.

Nanoleaf Canvas - One gift that’s sure to make your significant other’s eyes light up (with colour) is the Nanoleaf Canvas. This is a set of square light panels that add life to any old boring wall and make it interactive. Not only will the lights dance to those love songs you’ll be listening to on Valentine’s Day, you and your partner can even play some games on them as they’re touch-sensitive. You can either create your own light patterns and games, or choose from thousands already available on the app.

Smart Oil Diffuser - Candles and scents can help create a relaxing environment at home, and if your other half agrees with this statement, perhaps a smart oil diffuser could be a valued gift this Valentine’s Day. Maxcio’s Wi-Fi oil diffuser is able to diffuse up to 400ml of oil in your home on either low or high settings. You can also schedule the device via a mobile application and the diffuser has controllable LED lights as an accompanying touch.  

Folding book lamp - If your better half is a book lover, this gift will be a very sweet addition to their bedside table – a portable lamp that looks exactly like a real book. Thanks to its adaptable design, the lamp can be opened up to reveal pages or stored away as a closed novel. It even opens up into a full circle like a round folding fan.

Perfect Drink Pro - Cocktail fans, rejoice: a smart scale and app combination to help you master the perfect drink. Named the Perfect Drink Pro, this Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled product contains over 400 recipes. As you add each ingredient to the glass, the scale measures up and tells you when to stop. You can also scale up the measurements depending on how many people you are creating a cocktail for.

Lovebox- Technology doesn’t automatically have to be unromantic, and the Lovebox proves it. This cute gift idea is a digital message system which allows you to use a mobile app to send a note, message or drawing remotely to the box. The heart on the front spins when a message is received.

SodaStream Source Element - A great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day evening is to relax at home with your special someone and enjoy a drink, or two. SodaStream’s Source Element has three levels of fizz to tingle your taste buds, available right there on the appliance’s LED display. The carbon dioxide canister is refillable so join your partner in keeping the planet plastic free this Valentine’s Day and gift them a SodaStream.