Gadgets review - January 2022

by BTM

Mon, 10 January 2022

bahrain gadget review for janaury 2022

Bahrain This Month brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Nothing Ear - These new wireless earbuds are the most hyped new product in tech right now. Backed by the likes of Tony Fadell, who invented the iPod, and Casey Neistat, one of YouTube’s most revered vloggers, there’s a huge amount of buzz surrounding this product that aims to bring premium audio performance at a wallet-friendly price bracket. For the price, there’s an impressive set of features, including variable levels of noise cancellation, water and splash resistance and customisable gesture controls on the earbuds themselves. 
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Yoto Player interactive audio playerYoto Player Interactive Audio Player - The Yoto Player is a modern-day equivalent of the cassette tape player. Instead of tapes, this groovy little audio player works by slotting in cards, each of which contains a story to listen to. There are loads of classic tales to pick from, such as The Gruffalo and Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well as other cards with podcasts, radio and activities on. Instead of a screen it has a cutesy pixelated display, which along with chunky buttons for volume and skipping tracks, the whole device is completely kid-friendly. Available from

WAKEcup self-cleaning water bottle WAKEcup self-cleaning water bottle - How clean is your water bottle? Who knows, but it probably could be cleaner given how difficult it is to scrub right into those distant corners at the bottom of it. The WAKEcup 550ml water bottle has an ultraviolet light in the lid that in three minutes promises to zap 99.99 per cent of the bacteria, viruses and mould that you might have missed. Available from

Theragun Prime massage gunTheragun Prime massage gun - It looks like a cross between a weapon and a power tool but in reality, the Theragun Prime is a percussive therapy device, designed to massage your muscles by rapidly applying pressure to your body up to 40 times per second. It claims to get 60 per cent deeper into your muscles than other massagers, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, muscle tension, and working out any knots that have developed. Available from

Ember Mug2 and Travel Mug²Ember Mug2 and Travel Mug² - By connecting the Ember Mug2 and Travel Mug2 to your smartphone via the accompanying app, you get a notification when your brew has reached your perfect temperature, and a heating element in the bottom of the mug keeps it toasty warm until you have finished every last drop.
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