Gadgets Review - June 2023

by BTM

Thu, 01 June 2023

Gadgets Review - June 2023

Bahrain This Month brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

A paper plane with With classic games such as Golden Axe and Sonic Triple Trouble this device takes you on a trip down memory lane with 30 pre-loaded SEGA classics on its bright LCD display. You can also plug the gamer straight into your television for maximum nostalgia. Available at:

A paper plane with an electric motor. The special paper is already lined so you know where to fold, making sure you will always get the most aerodynamic design. Attach the motor assembly to the centre, charge it up for 20 seconds and you are ready to watch your creation fly rather than drop at your feet.
Available at:

These are funky charge and sync cables that indicate your phone’s power without you even having to look at the screen. As soon as you plug the cables into a power source, you will see electroluminescent green or blue lights flying through the cable. Fast flying lights mean you are around half way charged, slow moving lights are for over 65 percent and once the charging is complete, the lights will disappear.
Available at:

A printed globe that lets you add your own details onto the map. You can doodle landmarks, tick the places you’ve been, circle where you want to go and draw a cross against the places you want to avoid. The 20cm diameter globe is set on a sturdy metal base and spins on its axis like any regular globe.
Available at:

If you enjoy pranking your friends, or you just love spiders, then this is the perfect gadget for you. Use the remote to scurry round the house and terrorise as you go. It can also be put into auto mode to scamper round by its own accord. Available at: