Habibi, Learn Arabic!

by BTM

Wed, 01 March 2023

Habibi, Learn Arabic!

Learning a new language can seem like a daunting task, but it has several benefits for those that put in the effort. Hamzah Ramadan, an Arabic teacher for second-language learners, shares his views on the importance of learning Arabic. 

Moving to a new country is an exciting life experience, and while most people focus on learning about its history and culture, they neglect one of the most essential ways of connecting with their new home: learning its language. 

Most people complain about having to learn a new language claiming that its grammar, vocabulary, and other aspects related to its mechanisms and structure are difficult to grasp. In addition, they argue that learning a new language to the point of well-rounded comprehension requires a lot of time. While it presents its fair share of challenges, the benefits are endless too. So, it is essential that expats remember these, especially if they are learning the language in a country where it is used extensively. There is no doubt that learning Arabic is of significant importance to expats in Bahrain. 

Here are some of the key benefits associated with having a grasp of Arabic in the Middle East:

Understanding the Culture
It is a well-known fact that learning Arabic can help expats learn about various aspects of the Bahraini community such as their values, beliefs, habits and religion. Once they have learned Arabic that is used in Bahrain, expats can understand the Bahraini society on a deeper level and connect with the way people think. In addition, they can understand the history of Bahrain in particular and the Arab world in general as they can enrich their knowledge by revising books written in Arabic which elaborate on significant historical events. Shedding light on Arab culture and being knowledgeable of their history will develop their thinking and help them in building a rapport with the majority of people they deal with daily.
Should an expat be required to visit an Arab country, speaking the language will help break down barriers of communication, especially in the case of those related to customs and culture. 

Establishing a Business
For expats hoping to establish their own business in Bahrain, knowing the language has its perks! Having a healthy grasp of the language enables them to understand government rules and regulations in order to finish the necessary paperwork and start their business. They need to visit different ministries and deal with employees who primarily speak Arabic. These employees will have to explain the various requirements which have to be fulfilled in order to complete the required official documents. 

Fostering Work Opportunities
In addition, when it comes to employment, priority is always given to those who can speak Arabic. Hence, mastering the language and making a mention of it in your application will give you an edge over other applicants and enable you to make higher returns. Being able to communicate with Arab employees in their native language will foster an even better working relationship in the office, and reflect positively on the expat employee who will be appreciated for promoting a healthy work environment. 

A Better Social Life
Social connections are vital when settling in a new country. By knowing the language, expats will be able to interact with locals and be more constructive in expressing their opinion to them. They will be able to sense how the persons feel and respond to them accordingly since they share their language. It is also more than likely that the local community will feel even more comfortable with sharing their thoughts with an individual who has made the effort to learn the language.
When expats know the language of the people they are listening to, they will be able to engage in the conversation and make more friends in the long run. In addition, when they listen to others, this will help them to master the target language and become more fluent.

Increased Intelligence
Studies have shown that learning a new language is conducive to increased intelligence.  Aside from scientific reasons, it helps in efficiency when running a business in the region. Several expats in the region own businesses and by knowing the language can easily adapt to challenges where language and cultural understanding are concerned. 

In conclusion, there is no doubt that expats will benefit tremendously from learning Arabic.  Being able to communicate with the local communities in Arab countries will further enrich their experience living as expats and is sure to make it more memorable. You’re sure to feel motivated if you choose to learn a new language; just take a leap of faith! 

If you would like to learn Arabic, kindly contact Hamzah Ramadan on 39 623-787 or [email protected]