Karakeesh - Brilliant Bahrain Businesses

by Michelle D'Souza

Sat, 15 June 2019

Karakeesh - Brilliant Bahrain Businesses

In search of amazing Bahrain Local Businesses

In search of local Bahrain businesses, our team at Bahrain this month, found Karakeesh, an incredible family fun business that's beginning to live the entrepreneurial dream! We love what they do and their products make are amazing, your search for the perfect Bahraini-inspired gift, ends here! 

Run by a group of cousins and sisters, Karakeesh is their own personal outlet to express their creativity while also increasing bonding. WE LOVE THAT! All items are made by hand and are a blend of beauty and functionality,  especially their popular phone sab’has and eye glass hangers. The products are inspired by their tradition and heritage while also having a modern outlook.

Even more exciting is that all items are crafted locally in Bahrain, and raw materials sourced from various countries around the world but mainly regional like natural olive and walnut wood beads from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 

We loved their work and you can get your hands on them too! Orders can be made via Instagram and Whatsapp. They offer a delivery and collection point service. Elegantly packed in hesian bags, they are gift ready when you receive them! They also retail at plus973 in Juffair and Cult8 in Aali Mall. 

Follow them on Instagram, here. Or on Whatsapp, on +973 36944423.