Music Review - February 2023

by BTM

Sat, 04 February 2023

bahrain latest music review of february 2023

Iggy Pop
Every Loser

Verdict: Another tireless effort from the timeless punk rocker.

What’s the story? 
Every Loser is the 19th studio album by American rock icon Iggy Pop. The record features a core backing band of Duff McKagan (bass), Chad Smith (drums) and Josh Klinghoffer (guitars, keyboards). It also features guest contributions from Jane’s Addiction members Dave Navarro, Eric Avery and Chris Chaney, alongside appearances from Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard and drummers Taylor Hawkins and Travis Barker.

Worth a listen? 
Back with a flagrant self-awareness of how absurd and unexpected his career has been, Every Loser contains some of Iggy’s hardest rockers in years, and emphasises all of the things the man does well: blistering rock, po-faced ballads, and a genuine way with words. Iggy’s lyrics have always been deceptively simple, boiling down an idea to its most basic form, making it both funny and inspiring in the process. In another life, he would have made an amazing speechwriter.

Rozi Plain

Prize is an instantly captivating set – 10 resonant but unfussy songs distinguished by a balance of up-close intimacy and understatedly elegant composition. Its mix of folk, leftfield pop and pastoral jazz is calming, with an air of contemplation running through. At surface level these are breezy, easy-going pop songs. Plain’s vocals are understated and the arrangements rarely overpower the direct lyrical pleadings. But there’s a gilt finish to this album, showing a keen curatorial eye and ability to polish without losing the beating heart. 

Margo Price

The multi-talented singer-songwriter’s latest album is her most adventurous one yet. It emphasises her willingness to try new things and seek new ways of experiencing the world. The songs and instrumentals vary in topics and style; there’s no dominant theme as much as a central intellect and a heart. While her vocals ground her in a country vein, her sonic contexts borrow from and integrate blues-rock, classic-rock and pop sounds. The result is her most freewheeling sequence of songs     to date. 

Beware of the Monkey

While this album finds MIKE in a transitional period in his life, he has never sounded so self-assured. He stares at the many different tempos explored in Beware of the Monkey with his signature grin and attacks them with the same level of introspection he has become known for. The way MIKE is able to intertwine multiple concepts within one song deserves a case study on its own and on this latest project, the consistently sharp wit of MIKE feels elevated and rejuvenated.