Truckloads of Flavour

by BTM

Tue, 07 January 2020

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Do you remember the ice cream van tooting its musical horn to bring out the children, running and squealing for chilled treats? Now foodies can reminisce ‘the good ol’ days’ with much more than just ice cream, as heady aromas waft out of food trucks stationed at many of the Kingdom’s prime locations. Behnaz Sanjana browses the menus for meals on wheels.

Many of these mobile food outlets have varying days, locations and timings of operation, so check them out on Instagram to plan a bite under the sky.

Crepe Station
When the sweet tooth comes a-calling, succumb to the delights at this small, but happy-looking food truck serving mini waffles and pancakes. If it’s fruit that floats your boat, opt for the Strawberry and Chocolate cup, or the various flavours of Mojito, including those made with Red Bull.

Mr Kunafa
With a distinct local flair, this one-wheeled wagon in Janabiya urges you to ditch your diet, and for good reason. The cheese- or cream-filled Kunafa can be topped with a choice of sweet flavours – Nutella, Lotus, caramel, pistachio, Kinder chocolate, or, if you like to have the best of many worlds, choose a mix of toppings. Down your sweet delight with a Zaffran drink. 

Burger Boutique Bahrain

Sit on furniture fashioned out of wooden pallets, under strings of candescent bulbs, in an open space in Seef -— what better way to fuel up after a long day? Although the pickings might seem limited at first glance, they are lip-smacking delicious. The Chicken Parmesan burger is worth a try. There’re also options with beef, a veggie burger, sliders and add-on sauces to choose from. 

Organika Café

Located near Seef’s petrol station, this retro-style caravan, lit up with neon green and yellow, is a magnet for the hungry stomach. Alongside a wide variety of meat patties fitted within soft buns smeared with homemade sauces, there are pancakes (and their miniatures) and waffles available. The Ferrero Rocher pancake sounds just about right paired with one of the coffees on the menu on a breezy evening.

Caffeinated harks back to a school bus, that has now graduated to serve grown-ups their coffee. Besides the espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte and Cortado, there are specials like Rosetta and Pablo’s Drink. Cold brews, as well as nut milks are available. The mobile speciality coffee shop retails bottles of coffee and coolers that can be customised to your tastes and ordered in advance. And, yes, they serve tea as well.

This name is probably the most prominent of all food trucks, a wood-panelled shack on wheels drawing in the hungry at Janabiya, Tubli and Zallaq, amongst other spots. The name says the most about what is served here, and you get a wooden board displaying a roll call of sliders to choose from. There’s also a falafel version for the herbivores, and sauces to suit your taste buds.

Boreal, stationed in Seef, is a riot of colour to look at. While the exterior gives off a gypsy, bohemian vibe, the inside is busy prepping some great grub for hungry passersby. The food truck takes great pride in a delicious vine leaves preparation, and the chicken pasta, noodle salad and burger are also hot favourites. And if you’re craving the comfort of rice, a hearty biryani is available too. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Boreal Rose Cake or the saffron cake.


Located at Bahrain Bay, here is where you can sink your teeth into burgers, subs and meats in tortilla bread cones. For those who are looking for healthy treats, there’s double beef patty, cheese and guacamole in the Lettuce Hug and for fries with a difference, go for the Fire Truck – fries, fried chicken and cheese.

Fresh Press

This is a mobile juice bar on Saar’s Avenue 35, serving a range of fresh squeezes to quench your thirst in a wholesome, natural way. Besides regular juices, (they also have avocado and banana, among others), also available are concoctions like flu fighter – a mix of lemon, pineapple and mint, and interesting blends like Go Blue, Go Red, Light Delight, Berries Bliss, and Flamingo. Yogurt cups and smoothie bowls with fresh fruit, granola, nuts, seeds and honey give you something healthy to munch on.

Gourmet Way
Touted to be the largest mobile restaurant, this one also comes with all the whistles and bells. Diners can choose to sit inside the double-decker bus, or outside, on the green carpet laid out with tables and chairs. Gourmet Way serves beautifully presented mains, salads and sides. The variety of burgers, chicken steaks and sliders can be rounded off with brownie and ice cream or Nutella crepes.

The Little Black Caravan
This food truck was amongst the first few on the island, serving customers with speciality coffee and plant-based bites. Using locally roasted beans to keep the freshness of the coffee intact, and a healthy selection of food, this sustainable caravan is more than your regular food truck. For those looking for sugar-free treats, here’s your place in Bahrain’s food truck world. 

The Cookie Cart
This looks straight out of the pages of a children’s book – red signage atop a truck that is meant to look like a closeup of a bitten-into cookie. Operational from Monday to Saturday after 4pm, in Janabiya, it’s a perfect pitstop for cookies and coffee. Besides the unique gamut of sweet, chewy discs of ultimate comfort, (Red Velvet Crinkles, or White Chocolate Macademia, anyone?) they have Nutella- or Kinder-filled cupcookies, and the CookieWich. Now that warrants a sampling! 

The Chemist
Here’s an ochre-hued, Breaking Bad-themed food truck for a quick bite of homemade burgers and rolls, tikkas, kebabs and a glass of Mojito Amoolita, amongst other coolers. The best seller though, is the Al Jasmi Beef Tikka, while names like Bueid Kabab and Hello Thursday intrigue the appetite.