Website Reviews - April 2020

by BTM

Sat, 04 April 2020

bahrain best website reviews 2020

What is it?
You might’ve seen the awesome LEGO Movie, but did you know LEGO’s involvement in on-screen entertainment began much earlier than that? Believe it or not, LEGO has been creating hours of video content long before we saw them in cinemas, and all of these videos are sorted by theme and story on its website. 

The Good 
For every pop-culture phenomenon to ever steal our attention, there’s a LEGO video series version ready to steal our hearts. Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Scooby Doo, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter... the list goes on. Tune into LEGO’s video channel and enjoy.

The Bad
The updates are fairly slow (although when they do come, there’s lots of content). Instead of drip feeding videos every day, there tends to be a bunch every week or so which means if you’re caught up, you have to wait a while for your fix.

bahrain best website reviews for april
As its name suggests, Short of the Week is a website dedicated to showcasing the best short films. A new short indie film is hand-picked and added to the website each and every week. From killer zombies to love and every other topic under the sun, you’ll find hordes of great film shorts in every genre just waiting to be appreciated. Each short weaves incredible storytelling into a five-to-20-minute movie, making it an ideal place to get your entertainment fix in today’s on-the-go world.

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Big Think is a place which shares ideas and insights from the most successful people around the world. You won’t get life-hacks here, but you will get real information. You will learn from the mistakes of others and their successes too. A good place to get the content from people who know what they are talking about.