Website Reviews - April 2023

by BTM

Tue, 04 April 2023

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It’s never too late to make positive changes in your life. Here are some fantastic websites to help you stay organised, meet your goals and remember tasks. If keeping your thoughts organised is what’s hampering your productivity, a to-do list website will likely help a great deal. fits under this umbrella, letting users make lists galore. It also gives you the option to categorise certain lists and share lists with other people. It also gives people a daily snapshot of their tasks to help them prioritise and plan. - Get family and friends involved in your resolutions with StickK. Here, you can develop a Commitment Contract to ensure you follow through with your goal, put down markers to raise the stakes, get a personal referee and add people to your support network to keep motivated.

beeminder.comSet goal reminders with a sting! With Beeminder, you set commitments for yourself and pledge a certain amount to pay if you go off track. If you lapse, the next time, you’ll be on the hook for an even higher pledge amount. Since it connects to a variety of devices, Beeminder is a good way to stay on the straight and narrow with your goals.

lifetick.comLifetick is designed for many kinds of goals, and it may be particularly effective if you have a lot of specific, long-term resolutions, like training for a marathon or writing the next great novel. The site offers a task list, charts and graphs showing your progress and goal development advice – just to name a few features.