Website Reviews - December 2018

by BTM

Mon, 03 December 2018

Website Reviews - December 2018

VERDICT: A beautiful and occasionally melancholy look at the past.

What is it?
Want a dose of serious nostalgia? Maybe the sound of a dial-up modem will do it for you, or the dial of a rotary phone. The Museum of Nostalgia will send you back in time. The single-person effort from Brendan Chilcutt aims to preserve the signature sounds of old technologies. 

The Good 
The website is so simple to use. There are loads of images of old objects, websites, logos and more, and you simply click each one to be transported to the past. Images turn from black-and-white to colour when you click them and the sound starts, you click it again to turn it off. This way, you can mix and match sounds.

The Bad
‘Bad’ is not necessarily the right word, but listening to some of the sounds certainly elicits a feeling of sadness or loss. These were the sounds of childhood and growing up, when things were simpler and we weren’t swarmed with technology and the digital world, with all the over-produced sounds that come with it.
The Magic Pen is a physics-based doodle game, fiercely addictive, which will kill your lunchtime boredom. You have to push a red ball across the screen, using only shapes you draw. You can add in hinges and pins, and erase some poor choices if you must. It plays well with either a mouse or a tablet.
It won’t open into a dark nook at Hogwarts, but it can take you to equally unexpected places around the world. The idea is simple — open the secret door and let Google’s Street View transport you to an interesting place on the globe.

Think of it as a portal for virtual globetrotting. And if you don’t like it, just click the ‘Take Me Somewhere Else button’. It definitely ranks as one of the more fun ways to use Google Maps and Street View.