Website Reviews - July 2020

by BTM

Thu, 02 July 2020

Website Reviews - July 2020
This one is a fun little time killer. As its name suggests, the website deals with the process of transformation you achieve when you start mixing different things. You start with Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The goal is to create as many different materials or objects as possible. For example, earth and air will form dust. There are no rules, just mix and match your creations to create new ones. You will not even know where your time went.
Imagine a situation where you want to buy a smartphone out of a bunch of notable picks but can’t decide which one can offer the best value for your money. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get a handy tool that can let you quickly compare smartphones? Well, this is where Hotspot 3D has a role to play as it helps you compare devices in 3D so that it becomes a tad easier for you to decide which one can meet your demands.
A great place to read informative and impeccably written articles dealing with a multitude of topics which can be broadly divided into science, history, psychology and autobiography. If you are looking to learn while passing time, there’s no better place.
This one is for all the aspiring writers out there. The website publishes stories covering books and the characters inside them. It’s kind of a daily blog which always provides you with interesting insights about a book or its author. There are other forms of articles too, but this is the most prevalent. Get a daily dose for your writing inspiration here.