Website Reviews - June 2021

by BTM

Thu, 03 June 2021

Website Reviews - June 2021

Exploring the world of the internet? Check out these sites that we found quite useful.
Spreeder is the web's leading destination for speed reading. It helps you read faster and comprehend more of the text you’re reading, so you can save time and be more productive in life. It’s a simple, but effective tool. It basically lets you upload text and practice reading at speeds way higher than you imagine you could possibly read at.
For those in office-bound jobs looking to improve their typing, this website might be a good port of call. This Type-A-Balloon game is one of the simplest. Balloons with letters on them float down your screen, and your job is to burst them by hitting the right key before they reach the bottom. Hit the wrong key or you’re too slow, then you lose.
Ever wondered what a dog pictures when it sees something? It definitely wouldn’t be able to visualise the amazing rainbow that you marvel at. This website lets you upload an image and it renders the image to reflect what a dog would see.
This Family Fortunes-style game is a brilliant website that will kill hours of time with your friends or in the office. You have to complete questions across four different categories to predict the top ten Google autocomplete suggestions. The more you guess correctly, the higher you score.