Website Reviews - March 2022

by BTM

Sun, 06 March 2022

bahrain best website to browse securely

Kristian Harrison explores some of the most useful websites available to us.

Bahrain best website reviews march
We’ve all had days at work which were… subpar, to say the least. Well, if you’re working in sales or retail, you probably have a lot of stories about annoying customers and incidents. And ‘Not Always Right’ is the website where you can read similar stories from other people. Some of the stories on the website are quite hilarious, some are examples of really impressive comebacks, and some are a little horrifying. However, it’s a good collection of stories that prove the customer is not always right.

Bahrain best website reviews
Browser games can be a lot of fun, and ‘Drench’ is one browser game that’s sure to help you kill hours in one go. In ‘Drench’, you basically get a board full of different colours and you have to ‘drench’ the entire board in one single colour. The challenge is that you only get a limited number of turns to finish the board, so you have to think carefully about how you’ll proceed with the objective. It’s a fun way to pass some time on your computer, and once you get the hang of it, it’s quite calming as well… for some strange reason.

Bahrain best website reviews
Are you interested in Greek mythology? Even if you aren’t, this website will make you interested. River Styx is a Greek mythological underworld. The eponymously named website takes you through an interactive tour of the river and the underworld, where you will meet a lot of Greek gods and goddesses. The experience is very much like a point and click game where you click on relevant icons and objects to reveal information and more. It’s a fun, and educational, way to spend free time online.
Post Secret is a website that hosts anonymous secrets that actual people send in on actual postcards. It has all sorts of secrets that you can check out, from childhood embarrassing moments, to regrets, fears and everything else. It might not look like it, but you can actually get lost, reading secrets sent in by people from around the world. If you want to share your secrets like this, you can also send in a postcard to the address mentioned on the website.