Website Reviews - September 2022

by BTM

Fri, 09 September 2022

best websites in reviews for September 2022

With millions of websites to choose from, how do you pick one to spend time on? Check out Kristian Harrison’s top picks.

Bahrain Best website for September This website reports on astronomy news and trends through friendly, easy-to-digest content. Whether you want to see an object burn up in our atmosphere or get real into the weeds of how a black hole forms, has something for everyone. The ‘Image of the Day’ in particular offers stunning insight into the wider galaxy. - Take your outrage about our current situation (or any problem in your life) and throw it into the void. Just type out your feels and then click the ‘Scream’ button, which does exactly what you think it does. - This website lets you play a game called 2048, which is similar to Tetris but with addition. Use your arrow keys to try to combine numbers until you reach 2048, or go beyond and try to reach 4096. - Sometimes you want to surf the internet, but don’t want to do all the paddling. For that, there’s Mix. Mix lets you set your reader profile and then share the articles, photos and videos you discover from your own personal mix of random topics. It’s a convenient way to entertain yourself and learn new things by simply telling the web to surprise you.