Websites Review August 2018

by BTM

Wed, 25 July 2018

Websites Review August 2018

Rating: 5/5

What is it?
A website that shows a collection of images all with one theme: taking an old favourite photograph and going back to the same spot from which it was taken, and taking another while holding the old photograph within the frame. Each photograph also has a dedication captioning. What you get is a small wormhole that brings the past into the present, taken all over the world by people willing to share their memories. 

The Good 
Some photos seem sweet, some are nostalgic, some are full of regret, and some of the photos are giddy with the foolishness of youth. Whatever it is, it really stirs an emotional reaction which is incredible from such a simple, straightforward idea. If pictures are worth a thousand words, Dear Photograph makes them worth ten thousand.

The Bad
Browsing the website for too long could lead you to shed a few tears, which will either make you the ridicule of your office if you’re male, or ruin your make-up if you’re a female. It’ll also lead to a sharp decline in workplace productivity as you’ll be hooked.

Have you ever wanted to just splatter paint everywhere, purely because it’s fun? Now you can! This website is perfect if you are having a really tedious day, or you really just want to unwind and have some fun. At first, you may think that your computer isn’t loading the website, but it already has. The blank white screen is yours to have fun with. Move your mouse around to splatter paint, or left click to change the colour. Despite its simplicity, it’s surprisingly diverse and incredibly addictive.