What’s Green - April 2020

by BTM

Thu, 02 April 2020

ecco friendly products of bahrain

Go green with Pilot's B2P retractable ballpoint pens, made from recycled plastic bottles. They have a comfortable grip, so you can sketch, journal, take notes or write a report – all while protecting the planet.

april 2020 ecco friendly products in bahrain These eco-friendly pens are available in blue, black, red, green and purple smear-resistant ballpoint inks. They have a unique water bottle-inspired design and are also refillable.

ecco friendly products in bahrainLOVE THE EARTH 
Bhumi makes Fair Trade organic bedding from cotton grown without hazardous synthetic pesticides and toxic dyes in unfair and unhealthy working conditions. The brand has redefined luxury and reshaped the conventional cotton textile industry practices to provide organic, pure, luxuriously soft and chemical-free products that complement your sacred spaces. In the making of the products, water is retained more effectively due to healthier organic material in the soil and climate change is combatted through organic cotton farming that uses less energy.

bahrain ecco friendly products 2020REALLY SMART DEVICE 
The iameco v.3 touch screen computer has a carbon footprint that is 70-per-cent less than the average PC. Almost all of the materials used in the computer are recyclable, including the wooden frame. Hazardous materials, typically used in the computer manufacturing process, have been reduced to a minimum for iameco and replaced with environmentally -riendly alternatives. Conventional lighting has been replaced with LED lighting, which is 30-40-per-cent more energy efficient. The device uses standard computer components to ensure it can be updated, maintained and repaired easily, and the system can be continuously upgraded to the latest technology for half the cost of purchasing a new device.

bahrain ecco friendly productsFOR A SUSTAINABLE JAM 
The Souldier Custom Recycled Seatbelt Electric Guitar Strap is actually a redundant seatbelt, handmade in Chicago, USA. Available in black and brown shades, it has double thick hand cut leather ends and metal hardware. Its length is adjustable from around 76cm to 152cm and the strap is five centimetres wide.

bahrain ecco friendly productsCONSERVE WITHOUT THE COMPROMISE 
Waterpik’s EcoFlow low-flow shower heads are engineered to save water and money without sacrificing a powerful shower experience. By optimising flow through the water channels and nozzles, EcoFlow shower heads give you an invigorating spray. The innovative shower heads let you easily control the water flow for any shower setting, going from full flow or EcoFlow all the way down to a water-saving trickle. Great for saving water while shaving or lathering up, this feature saves water and money.