A Superior Listening Experience

by BTM

Tue, 30 October 2018

A Superior  Listening Experience

The Yamaha MusicCast wireless speakers allow you to enjoy music and movies at home without the hassle of wired connections.

Good music should never tie you down. Yamaha presents two wireless speakers – the black MusicCast 50 WX-051 and the MusicCast 20 WX-021 – that give you high-quality sound without having to sort through a jumble of wires. These nifty devices are equipped with Bluetooth, Apple Airplay, Wi-Fi and Spotify connect technologies to hook up to nearly any wireless component at home, as well as an Ethernet port for wired network connectivity.

With these speakers, it’s easy to play songs and control audio with the MusicCast app, which is available on Android and iOS devices. For an amplified audio effect, two speakers can be paired together. This can also be done for a superior surround sound effect while watching your favourite movies. 

You have the added advantage of adding one or two speakers to a MusicCast surround-capable receiver to provide wireless surround speakers in your home theatre system. After a future firmware update, you will be able to add a MusicCast SUB 100 to a pair of MusicCast 50 or 20 speakers.

The amplifiers are not only sleek to look at, but they also fit any style of room. They have standard and bass booster sound modes as well as a built-in alarm. They allow hands-free operation with your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and are designed to provide powerful, room-filling sound.

Explore new tunes with the speakers’ built-in live streaming music service. Sync your personal playlists and favourite songs from your smartphone or computer to the MusicCast 50. For a superb home theatre experience, just place your wireless speaker at the back of the room, replacing the need for surround sound speakers. Also, connecting to the same brand’s AV Receiver means no more unsightly cables around your room. You can listen to your tunes from any room of your home by simply connecting all your MusicCast devices to the same network.

To test this handy gizmo for yourself, just download the free MusicCast app and use the demo mode to see what a difference it makes to enjoying music the way you want to.

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