A Year of Success

by BTM

Wed, 05 September 2018

A Year of Success

Having experienced a year of prosperity, AMA International School Bahrain looks confidently towards the future.

The AMA International School Bahrain (AMAISB) school year ended with improvements to facilities offered, outstanding student achievements, and 
the school’s membership in an international educational community.
At the beginning of the previous academic year, AMA started to use the newly constructed middle and high school building equipped with teaching resources such as science, computer and iMAC laboratories that enhanced teaching and learning. Additionally, the new multipurpose hall with LED wall monitor and indoor sports facilities encouraged students to participate in various school activities.
 Likewise, the school took pride in being the sixth member school of the Council of International Schools (CIS) in the Kingdom this past year. CIS is a membership community and a leader in international accreditation. AMAISB was recommended by the CIS evaluator to proceed with the accreditation process and have the preparatory visit in November 2018, on having surpassed membership standards.
Looking forward, AMAISB aims to continuously improve its programme offering by deepening and widening its curriculum in alignment with the Californian Core Standards. Elective subjects will be introduced, which will aim to broaden the interest of students and enhance their fundamental creativity and critical thinking skills.  
Recently, AMAISB students brought honour to the school in international competitions. In the Scholars’ Cup – Global Round in Barcelona, Spain, Elyas Zuhair Abdulla Alqasim won four silver medals, a gold medal and qualified in the 2108 Tournament of Champions.  Additionally, robotics coach, Francisco Reyes, along with team members Isa Hassan Alqassimi, Faizal Husain Alsayegh, Goh Yi Ken, Goh Yiyi, Mohamed Isa Ebrahim and Ahmed Majeed Husain, achieved ninth place in the World Adolescent Robotics Competition 2018, held in Guiyang, China.  
The mission of the school is to provide relevant knowledge, skills and confidence necessary in embracing challenges of the dynamic world. With this mission in mind, the school is sending students to international competitions this year.  
Adding to the list of international exposure, AMAISB students will compete in November 2018’s World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) International Final in Thailand, and World Scholars’ Cup – 2018 Tournament of Champions at Yale University, USA.
AMAISB is anticipating a successful school year 2018-2019 with the offering of the 2018 summer classes to KG and primary school students, designed to prepare them for upcoming challenges.
Marietta S Sicat, the school’s director, anticipates further success in the next academic year, taking into account teaching resources such as equipped facilities, an articulated curriculum and a competent group of teachers and support staff.

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