An Exciting Retail Destination

by BTM

Sun, 28 April 2019

An Exciting Retail Destination

With a plethora of activities to keep both adults and kids engaged, Saar Mall has become one of the Kingdom’s best-loved shopping hangouts. 

Located in Saar’s upmarket vicinity, Saar Mall is a 7,500sq/m retail haven spanning three storeys that house 70 commercial outlets providing quality goods and services to visitors. 

Since its opening in 2013, the establishment has contributed towards the further development and appreciation of the area. It’s modern look and appeal make it the ideal location for the various restaurants and cafes available. The retail arcade offers something for everyone, including numerous well-known and indigenous brands. Residents of the neighbourhood can enjoy the ease and convenience of grocery shopping at Carrefour, which is situated within the precincts of the mall. Important public utilities like banks, offices of mobile service providers, a pharmacy, money exchange house and an insurance company, as well as lifestyle requirements such as beauty salons, car rental companies, professional car cleaners, laundries and travel agents can also be found at the mall. 

A wide choice of international food and beverage chains; from popular fast‐food brands, to coffee shops and local cuisine outlets are available at Saar Mall. There is an indoor play area for little kids, the Big Game Zone for children across all ages, as well as a mini‐cinema to keep youngsters entertained. The management of the commercial hub works hand in hand with all its stores to effectively reach out to customers. It not only undertakes advertising for its tenants through social media, but also holds significant large‐scale events to involve the community in festivals like Eid and campaigns like breast cancer awareness. Saar Mall has made a mark in Bahrain and carved a niche for itself as an upscale retail destination that fulfills all the daily needs of islanders, along with providing courteous service and a safe environment for both customers and tenants alike.

Recently, two new restaurants have been added to the food court, along with two play areas for children. On World Health Day, the mall provided free health checkups for visitors in collaboration with renowned clinics, with the best of doctors. Besides winning prizes, the visitors were made aware of the importance of health care and a safer and healthier life. 

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Saar Mall will host family entertainment programmes comprising many traditional activities and happenings along with attractive prizes. The mall will be decorated in line with the festivities and a traditional tent will serve visitors sweets and coffee. In addition, an auction will be held by Turath AlNowakhtha on May 10 from 8pm-10pm. A ‘Gergaon’ event will be held on May 17 and will include entertainment and exciting games. The mall will also organise its annual Quran competition at the Hassan Bokhowa mosque. 

Happenings for mall-goers to look forward to are the Labour Day event on May 2, the Auction on May 10, as well as the Saar Mall Ghabga, Healthy Yoga Day and Eid celebrations, on dates which will be announced later.
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