Coral Bay - The Place That Has It All

by BTM

Wed, 29 May 2019

Looking to kick off the beach and party season? Sports Bay is coming to life this June and here’s why.

We often hear people complaining that there isn’t a place in Bahrain that ‘has it all’. Well here’s your solution! Set right in the heart of everything is Coral Bay – one of the best spots on the island where you really can have it all: beach, bars, shisha, food, pool and floating hotel.

What you really need to look out for from now is the Sports Bay. Set just above the beach and next door to the huge pool (with an inbuilt bar), the lounge isn’t just one where you can grab a few drinks during the day. No, this joint can be booked for private parties, where it can accommodate up to 300 people, seated as well. Parties can be arranges with food, DJs, mocktails, cocktails, candle-lit sofas and shisa –  the list goes on!

The food side of Sports Bay is really something to boast about. It doesn’t matter what kind of occasion you are looking to celebrate – a drinks party, kids’ party, business lunch, engagement do – the extensive menu from the lounge is impressive. From main dishes to mini rolls, burgers to chicken wraps, even a quick fix of mini bites which are ideal for a networking lunch. For party food, there is a selection of canapés extensive enough to satisfy everyone’s taste buds: mini quiches, breaded shrimp, prawn and mango skewers, mini chocolate cakes…you seriously can’t go wrong.

Perhaps the best thing about Sports Bay is that it has something for everyone. Whether you want to play billiards indoors, hire out a boat for a couple of hours, hop on a jet ski, drink to your heart’s content in the pool and get a tan at the same time or listen to the latest tunes from the house DJ. Everyday there is also ‘Happy Hour’ from 5-7PM and, starting this month, every Friday is, where you can get some great bargain deals on a Mexican brew.

With the weather slowly showing us hints of what we are in for this summer, now is the ideal time to get some fresh air and kick back at one of the hottest joints in town.

Call 17 312-700.