Excellent Early Learning

by BTM

Mon, 01 October 2018

Excellent Early Learning

Al Dana Nursery sets the right educational foundation for toddlers by mixing learning with fun.

Al Dana Nursery in Gufool opened in 1996 with 10 students. Today, it welcomes around 100 children between the ages of one and a half and three years into its cheerful premises.

All teachers are qualified in early child care and impart a programme that focuses on various areas of development, including cognitive, listening and speaking abilities. It hones fine and gross motor skills, as well as social, emotional, creative, imaginative, artistic and other proficiencies in toddlers. Students engage in activities that develop hand muscles, hand-eye coordination and observational competencies. Visual discrimination, counting and sorting skills are also developed. They are taught the English language with a strong vocabulary, mathematical skills and awareness of the environment. They master the correct grip on the pencil through pre-writing activities. Pre-kindergarten activities help to prepare children for the demands of reading and writing at the next level. The learning system helps them to progress from the simple to the complex in an enjoyable manner. Learning and obtaining good habits and moral values at an early age is given equal importance to all other skills.

Preschoolers enjoy arts and crafts, including painting, fingerprinting, sponge printing, colouring, collage work, indoor and outdoor play, as well as singing. Theme days enable parents to participate in the learning process and entertainment trips are organised to give the little ones a change from the daily routine.

Al Dana Nursery is an ideal and well-balanced springboard to primary education and this is proven when parents, themselves, recommend the institution to family and friends.

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