Flaunt Your Crowning Glory

by BTM

Tue, 03 October 2017

Flaunt Your Crowning Glory

The salon that brings pioneering hair treatments and solutions to Bahrain introduces yet another product for ultimate hair care.

Gone are the days when you had to worry about damage to your mane due to colouring and bleaching. Toni & Guy brings you INNOluxe – a revolution in hair conditioning.

For years, salons have felt restricted while using bleach and colour to give you the look you desire, but not anymore.

This latest system, which uses protein technology, has created a unique set of treatments which work in combination with other products for all types of hair. This provides greater flexibility to get the look you want, while ensuring healthier, stronger locks.

The pioneering, incredibly powerful repair solution transforms the way you bleach, colour and treat hair. INNOluxe gives stylists the freedom to achieve so much more for their clients while leaving their tresses in a better condition and significantly resilient as well. It pulls out all the stops to give today’s urbanites their most edgy and on-trend looks ever!

INNOluxe offers three exciting new products to revolutionise the way salons use colour and deal with stressed-out manes. They create super-strong, reinforced sulphur bonds that work to mend any damage during the colouring process, restoring maximum strength to strands, providing a broader spectrum of less harmful colouring options. It also delivers a full spectrum of colours that last longer.

The innovation’s Aminobond Complex – a compound of multiple levels of low weight proteins and natural fruit extracts – builds stronger bridges between sulphur bonds, resulting in very quick and more effective recovery during and after treatments. It can be added to all brands of colour, although the most dramatic results are experienced when using it with bleach and highlights. Go get those blue, pink or blonde locks you’ve always wanted to try out!

INNOluxe works fantastically well as a standalone treatment if you’d like to treat your tresses to frizz-free gorgeousness. It also results in incredible repair when used along with relaxers, perms and keratin treatments.

By fortifying the inner structure of the hair, INNOluxe will ensure you never have to endure bad hair days again.

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