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Maintaining the Highest Standards

by BTM

Wed, 31 October 2018

Maintaining the Highest Standards

A new catering contract with the German Orthopaedic Hospital is just one of the developments The K Hotel’s GM, Volker Mandlowsky, is happy to talk about.

The K Hotel recently announced that is has signed a deal to provide patient meals for the German Orthopaedic Hospital with hotel owner, Faisal Khalid Kanoo, saying: “We are delighted to be partnered with the German Orthopaedic Hospital. We believe that nutrition starts with the use of quality ingredients and the utilisation of the best methods of cooking. Our culinary services will have fresh foods and will prepare food from scratch to maintain the quality.”

Volker, himself a German national, explains: “Mr Kanoo made the initial contact, and we were part of a tendering process which was about more than just the pricing, but rather the ability to provide a range of high-quality foods to meet special dietary needs, such as diabetic, low-fat, gluten-free and others.
“We will be providing approximately 30 meals per day, bringing the number of meals delivered by our extensive in-house catering operation to around 1,000 per month. We also cater for a specialist department in another hospital and are currently in negotiations to serve another medical facility.”

The promotion of outside catering has been a pet project for Volker since he joined The K Hotel in 2012, shortly after it opened. And maintaining the highest standards with multiple ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) certifications is another of his passions.

He explains: “All the food will be prepared here and The K Hotel is Hazard and Food Safety Standards certified. We are also ISO certified in food safety management, occupational health and safety, environment, and quality management. We are the first and only hotel in Bahrain to hold all these certifications.”

And, such is his passion for this side of the operation, he would like to see the outside catering division double its business in the next few years! He adds: “We will slowly reach our capacity and, should we need help, we can always call on our sister property The Gulf Hotel.”

In other developments, Volker is looking forward to the launch of a new Arabic outlet – a lounge with music and food – by the end of the year. And there are also plans to refurbish The K Lounge, so it looks like there are interesting times ahead for The K Hotel.

We believe that nutrition starts with the use of quality ingredients and the utilisation of the best methods of cooking.